Flood Damage

Fallon & Co. are your local and regional insurance claim builder specialising in flood damage repair and restoration for both homes, and businesses.

Flood damage can have a devastating effect on both property and home owner. It can cause structural damage, and has been known to undermine the foundations and the structural integrity of a property if leaks have been left unfixed for a long period of time.

As such, is it vitally important that any flood damage is investigated and repaired in full as quickly as possible. It is often the damage the damage you can’t see causes the most damage as untreated water damage can increase the chances of health risks such as damp which can cause colds and even pneumonia.

It is important that you DO NOT attempt to, or be persuaded to, live in a house with inadequate repairs with high moisture readings.If your home has recently suffered from flood damage caused through either storms, faulty water or waste pipes or appliances we are here to help.