Storm Damage

Although damage from storms and severe weather conditions are rare they are capable of causing many types significant damage to your property. 

Roof tiles boken or be blown off, trees can be uprooted and fall onto your property and walls and outbuildings can be destroyed.

At Fallon & Co. we have years of experience with storm damage and have noted that it is not just the initial impact to the outside of your property that causes the biggest problems – it is often the resulting internal damage (usually water damage) that requires prompt action.

It is important to remember that the prevention of water entering your property is of the upmost importance, as this will cause secondary damage and will dramatically increase the cost of your claim.

If water has already caused internal damage, it is important to address the water damage quickly.

We will thoroughly assess the damage to all areas of your property (internally and externally), to ensure your insurer pays for all the necessary repairs to return all affected areas to their pre loss condition (in line with the terms of your insurance policy).