Water Damage

As independent insurance approved builders the team at Fallon& Co. possess a great deal of experience within both the insurance and building sectors.

Property Drying

Once all remedial works are agreed the first job that our team embark on is the drying out your property. This begins by pumping out all standing water and removing all damaged plaster and/or plasterboard removed from walls to expose the properties brickwork in order that it can dry effectively.

Specialist drying equipment is then brought in to ensure your property is dry, mould free and ready for repair.

Repairs and Restoration

Only when all rooms, walls, flooring, ceilings and other affected areas pass our tests for moisture content, hygiene and air quality do we commence with the repair of any water damage and restoration work.

All elemets of the repair and restoration of your home are carried out by Fallon & Co. staff and we will ensure that all water damaged areas including damaged walls, plaster, paintwork, floorboards and ceilings are returned to their original state.

As a result we know only too well how disruptive and stressful water damage or flooding can be. We also understand the difficulties and stress people encounter when dealing with insurance companies.

We believe it is our job to take as much of that stress away from our clients. To this end we have a simple 4 stage process that we implement in all claims, these are:

Leak Detection

Once contacted our primary concern is to detect the source of the leak and stop the flow.

As many leaks come from pipework that is hidden and difficult to access we use a selection of methods to accurately identify the source.

On occasion the activities involved in accessing a leak can cause damage and prolonged disruption to your home this may include the removal of flooring or ceilings. If this is required we ensure that insurers agree to cover the cost of restoring any damage before undertaking any investigative work.

Comprehensive Report

On completion of preliminary survey, we complile a comprehensive report that will outline all recommended works and the costs associated to them.

We then go through this with you and the insurance companies appointed Loss Adjuster in order to ensure that all repair works are agreed and completed as quickly as possible.